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Mobile Design Presentation – Code Jam 11/9/10

Here is my Mobile Design presentation I did at Code Jam #2, November 9th, 2010. The main focus of the presentation was designing a mobile website and designing a native app.

Code Jam Presentation on Mobile Design

Mobile Design – Code Jam – 11/9/10

Things to remember when designing for mobile:

  • Think Mobile First
  • Design for the user and not the features
  • Pare down functions to core interactions
  • Use larger buttons and fonts
  • Design for gestures not mouse-overs (use textures, gradients and other elements to guide user)
  • Reduce clutter and non-important content
  • Content is navigation
  • Keep plenty of space between items (fingers aren’t precise)
  • Avoid bright, obnoxious colors
  • Remember your brand
  • Take advantage of already designed native UI
  • Use both orientations, don’t forget them either
  • Don’t forget the launcher icon!