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Photoshop or Illustrator or Fireworks or something else

So I use Photoshop to design websites.

I recently re-listened to Jason Santa Maria’s Big Web Show interview where he talked about why he prefers to use Illustrator over Photoshop and it got me thinking about why I use the tools I use. In the interview he compared Photoshop to a tool box, if you wanted to draw a square, you grab the tool that does that and you draw the square. He compared Illustrator to an open drawing environment like a sketch book, or a canvas, something that allows for a more creative exploration. While I agree with the Illustrator comparison, I don’t fully agree with his Photoshop analogy. I would say Fireworks is the tool box because it is designed more for fast prototyping and quick construction of web elements. Photoshop for me is a mix of both, I think it has the power to bridge the gap between creation and editing. There are probably a lot of reasons why I prefer it to other image editing/creating software products, but my top 3 reason are:

  • I use the layer comps feature all the time
  • Pixel perfect measurements
  • I actually know how to use it

The third reason is probably the biggest reason why I prefer Photoshop over Illustrator or any other program, I just know it better. I guess I just need to man up and design a website in Illustrator. Crash course it. Let me know if I’m missing out a better way to design websites, I’m always down for learning better, more efficient methods.

What image creation program do you prefer… why eh?

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  1. Blake
    01/12/2011 at 10:19 PM

    I use Photoshop as well bit I haven’t designed anything forever. I use it to slice and prep psd file for HTML prototypes… Im in it almost as much as the text editor and the browser. But I don’t totally love it. I don’t use the slice tool because it’s too slow and complicated for me. I use the rectangle marquee this most to measure and select something to make a slice… Any way I’d like to see some software companies make an attempt to make something better for us web guys and I think it’ll happen soon.

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