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My New Blog

Its about freaking time

Alright, I finally got to it, I started a new blog. Along side my portfolio, I needed a nice little place that drop ideas, articles, posts and any other things that I want to show without having to add them into my portfolio some how. Since I am lazy and I didn’t really want to invest the time to custom build my own blog I just decided to find a nice wordpress theme that is already built for me. Maybe in the future, if this blog is something that I will actually use and you will actually view, then I will take the time to custom build something truly awesome. But for now lets enjoy the Fusion WordPress theme by DigitalNature.

Whats the purpose

So what am I trying to accomplish with this new fan-dangled blog??? Well, three things really:

  • Share my favorite design articles and design concepts with you and your friends.
  • Write original articles and posts about visual design and the user experience.
  • Post ideas, thoughts and have polite conversation about the world of design.

That’s really my plan, pretty simple. So if you are into visual design then come along with me and enjoy the ride. I hope that I will be able to create a nice corner of the web where we can all share thoughts and ideas on design. I also hope that I can publish frequently, that is gonna be the hardest task me. Twitter is hard enough to post and that is only 140 characters… its gonna be a lot harder to write something around 500 words!

Oh, before I go, if you have any ideas of what I should be posting about hit me up, I’ll even do the research and present something nice and professional for you.

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